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simply the best

Since its establishment in 1995/1417H, for the management of the hotels neighboring the Holy Mosque in Makkah Al Mukarramah, Al Firdous Group Company, has been characterized by its confident steps in development, expansion and success, relying on a simple policy summarized in : Rendering the outstanding service with distinguished prices.

To implement its policy in serving the guests of the Holy Mosque, the Group first chose the locations nearest the Holy Mosque. The Group then upgraded these locations to the highest international level in hotel services and diversified the activities for integration of services. For this purpose the Group included numerous distinguished hotels, being adjacent to the Holy Mosque. The Group established a special management for rendering services to Umrah performers such as transportation, food and formalities. During the next phase, the Group endeavors to extend all pilgrims services.

In line with its emblem, which depicts this policy that is summarized in "We are, simply, the best" , the Group selected the best management and operational human manpower, who are considered as partners in success and who are loyal to the Company and towards extending care to customers. The Group adopts a clever pricing policy that depends on service integration. This policy serves customers interests and meets the Group adherence to the Islamic Sharia in performing its works, activities and investments. To be simply the best, the Group is assisted by the distinguished Board of Directors that combines efficiency with the trust based on good reputation. Why we are, simply, the best Many of the distinguished parties may resemble us in extending outstanding hotel services, but being the nearest to the Holy Mosques, makes us the best. This is regardless of our outstanding care that includes complete comfort, superior cleanliness and the best price of services.